2022 2nd quarter ocean rates

on 17 February 2022

Chinese New Year has past and as expected rate reviews appear to be taking place.

There is a BIG suggestion that from March 2022 the ocean rate from Far East will drop by $3000 to $4000 per 40’ (from $17500/$18500 to $13500/$14500) and the 20’ ocean rate from ($9500/$10500 to $7500/$8500). I am waiting on ocean rate information covering the Indian Sub-Continent and will update you all as and when I get something firm. It would appear that the major ocean carriers are the first to show their colours and it will not be long before all ocean carriers follow suit.

I rather think that during the 3rd quarter 2022 (July-September) there will be a rate war and rates will plummet and we could see rates at around $10,000/40’ and $5000/20’. Only time will tell. I will keep you all posted of developments.

The UK transport sector remains in a dire situation what with shortage of drivers and ever increasing fuel costs. There's still a 2-3 week delay in getting haulage covered (location dependent) so my team will continue to use due diligence and be ever vigilant to book transport at least 1-2 weeks ahead of the vessels arrival at the UK port in order to avoid (where/when possible) port rent & container demurrage charges (provided we have to hand the relevant import documents).

Sadly, I am advised that from March 1st there might be a fuel surcharge increase from 10% to 13%.

As ever, very best wishes

Andy Wilding

Managing Director