Ocean carriage/UK haulage situation

on 15 October 2021

Effective this month until the end of 2021 there will NOT be any further increases in ocean rates from Far East & Indian Sub-Continent.

So with the rates hovering between US$9200 & $10200 (20’ container) and $17500 & $18500 (40’ container) from Far East and between US7400 & $8200 (20’ container) and $12000 & $14000 (40’ container) from India-Subcontinent, there will not be any more increases.

UK Haulage situation continues to be of major concern with Ocean harriers having little availability and domestic hauliers struggling to offer clients reasonable time frames. Exporters are struggling to meet vessel bookings OR the ocean carriers are not accepting bookings until there is haulage availability.

Delays can be up to three weeks to get a delivery booking and this could get worse as the weeks roll on.

Haulage rates are set to increase again if only to cover  an increase in “driver retention”. A fuel surcharge has recently been increased to an average 8% across the board.