UK Haulage industry

on 15 October 2021

The UK haulage industry has been hit hard since the outset of Brexit

It was only a matter of time before haulage contractors revisited their pricing strategy to come in line with market forces following Brexit. Many of the European drivers have departed UK shores and gone back to their home land leaving the UK haulage industry to suffer a severe driver shortage.

This has been widely broadcast on national news in recent times. The need to recruit, train and retain drivers comes at a cost and couple that with ever increasing material costs evidently results in a price increase in the tariffs. The severe shortage of drivers means a terrific delay in deliveries. My staff are already having to book haulage for our clients requirements up to three weeks in advance of a vessel arrival (assuming the vessel arrives on time, else everything has the be re-scheduled) in order to secure transport within the rent free period on the port terminal.