Machinery investment adds to Globex services

on 20 March 2020

Machinery investment adds to Globex services

The Globex team has added to the range of services it offers to clients with recent investment into key warehousing equipment.

The team has invested in a semi-automatic mechanical brake pallet wrapper with scales, meaning their turnaround time for preparing customer’s consignments can be drastically reduced.

The Globex team offers a range of ‘pick n pack’ services from its warehouse facility in Martlesham, serving customers large and small with their freight forwarding needs.

The new equipment means that customers’ loads can be quickly prepared for collection and delivery, with accurate cargo weights provided for load planning and safety compliance.

Globex Managing Director Andy Wilding explains, “We may be operating in uncertain times, but we’re doing what we do best, pressing forward to make our services the best they can be for our customers.

“Our decision to move our offices to Martlesham, and open our own warehouse, was based on our strong belief that the more we can provide to customers ourselves, the better our services will be, as they’re completely in our control.

“The pallet wrapper is a smaller investment but a key part of the service we offer customers from start to finish. I look forward to providing even faster, more efficient consignment handling for our clients.”