Martlesham Shipping experts celebrate 15 years in the industry

on 22 October 2018


Martlesham-based shipping firm, Globex Freight Management, is proudly celebrating 15 years in the shipping industry.

The firm, run by Directors Andy Wilding and Shaun Rudduck, was established back in September 2003 and has grown significantly to the business operation based in Martlesham Heath today. 

Andy set up the business with his wife Kim in September 2003, after accruing many years’ of experience in the shipping trade and was soon joined by Shaun who had established Omni Freight Services.  Andy, Shaun & Kim now run the business together with Omni as a partner company.

Globex was originally based in Felixstowe but in 2016, a new premises was opened in Martlesham when the pair expanded the business to offer warehousing on top of their shipping services.  The office is now based alongside a 7,000 sq foot warehousing facility and is staffed by a team of six.

Shaun and Andy have over 80 years of shipping experience between them, both starting their careers in the industry in the early 70s and have seen first-hand the incredible growth of the port of Felixstowe since it opened 50 years ago and the major changes in how the shipping world operates.

Globex has seen an encouraging growth in demand for its warehousing facility over the last year and hopes to offer a fully-bonded warehouse in the coming months. Last month the firm received its Authorised Economic Operator status by inspectors for another three years having first been awarded the AEO certificate in 2011

Andy says, “I can’t quite believe that the business has reached it’s 15th year.  It’s been tough at times, as with any business, but I am extremely proud that Shaun, Kim and I have built the business to what it is today.

“Having originally been on my own with help from my wife, owning a top-quality warehousing facility and providing services to clients all over the globe was something we could only have dreamed of.  We hope to continue to grow and look forward to many more milestone years.”